Samira’s day in Year 6!

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Today, our teacher, Mr McCabe, who was away for two weeks, came back to us and introduced our shape week.

First, Mr McCabe wanted to see how much we knew about shapes, so he gave us a painting from an artist called Kandinsky. We did this because the image had lots of different shapes in it so we had to identify them and describe them in a variety of ways.



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To help us, we used a maths dictionary to search up what specific things mean.



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Then, because of our work shop, we had to have break early. YEAH!

While I was playing with my friends, Mr McCabe was posing so I took a quick photo.


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I found out that Mrs Jones is Mrs Streets mother and she had come to help us on  various days.

We took a group photo but my friend, Leena, photo bombed it.

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After our early break, we went to our work shop, which is called Problem Solving.

The teacher, who was called Mrs Webster, explained the activities to our class.


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My group started on the cake, we found it hard but eventually we finished.


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These are the other groups, they also were working very hard.

They had to work together and listen.

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They followed the instructions, rules and they were victorious!

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We went onto the Sudoku challenge, it was difficult but because we had worked so hard as a team, we had overcome it.

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This team were doing the same challenge but they were quicker than the last team.

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My team were the fastest at completing the challenge.

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This is my job, I sometimes do the radio for Syra.

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This is when I am getting ready for my English review.

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This is my table, Inventors.

The people on my table are Nidal, Alina, Khuzayfah and me.

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This is our board, we have decorated I to beat Miss Sahin at Christmas decorations.

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This  is my maths review for Autumn 2.

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At hometime, we watch newsround to make sure we are  updated about what is happening around the world.

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This my table, we had a group photo.

Question of the week!

If you had to do an activity with your team, what would you base it on and why?


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