SATs advice for Year 5

First of all, congratulations to the current Year 6 pupils on their excellent SATs results. Everyone worked really hard and did the school proud.

Our current Year 5 cohort could learn a lot from the class of 2016; watch the following video and take this important advice on board…

26 thoughts on “SATs advice for Year 5

  1. Year 6 thank you for this advice. It does help me how to do my SATs. I will keep all of this advice in my mind. This has really helped me now.

  2. I like the video . The first time I feel screed but now I feel happy and in year six is very funny.👍👍👍👍👐🏻🤗😜😛😝

  3. Thanks yr 6 for calming my nerves a little. I’ll keep revising at home and do my best. Though I still am a little anxious for my sats test.

  4. By all this advice I am not petrified for my SATS that are going to come.I will revise a lot and get outstanding marks.Thank you Year 6 for all the advice.

  5. I will take the advice from Year 6 especially relaxing because in tests ,I never relax I keep on revising to get the best possible results and now I understand that if you do all the hard work before the SATS,you will enjoy the rest of your time after the SATS.I am a bit nervous but if I revise hard,you never know what you can achieve and well done to the present Year 6 for your outstanding results,not only did you make yourself proud,you made the whole school proud and now you can enjoy your last few days at Broad Heath.

  6. To get your SATs you must practice everyday at home because if you don’t,you will be struggling on what you are doing and you will not know what to do when you are doing your SATs.

  7. Really enjoyed this blog. Great advice from the current Y6. Your results today Y6 have been excellent, you should be very proud…I am.

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