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SATs after party!

To celebrate the completion of our SATs, we will be having a party on Thursday afternoon (17th May).


For all of us to enjoy this party, we would like all of the children to bring some food and drinks. If everyone brings in some food and drinks, there will be more than enough for everyone. Examples of food that children brought into school last year were: Pizza, cakes, biscuits, samosas, pasta, chicken dippers etc.


All children are expected to wear their school uniform on this day and we will finish school at the same time.


It would be great if you could bring food and drinks on this day and not the day before for obvious reasons.


We look forward to your contributions.


Many thanks,


Year 6 Staff

7 thoughts on “SATs after party!

    • You have worked hard- just make sure everyone in Year 6 is kind to each other because we are celebrating EVERYONE’S ACHIEVEMENTS.

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