SATS are over…

The final day of SATS! It’s been a pleasure watching every child walk into their tests this week smiling, confident and most definitely well prepared.

Today we had a party to celebrate the end of the tests!

How are you all feeling?

Remember: Wellbeing day tomorrow (P.E. kits to be worn and swimming kits to be in school)


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  1. I feel very optimistic and relieved.
    Thank you to everyone who brought stuff to school and thank you to the teachers who set this all up.

  2. We feel amazingly relieved that the year 6 SATs are over. We are looking forward to the fun stuff you have planned for us, eg draton manor, Glastonbury .
    Alexis & Hajrah

  3. I enjoyed this party very much and I feel exhausted now that we have finished our SATs. We worked so hard and hopefully we all get great results!!!

  4. I am feeling very tired after SATS as we had to wake up much earlier then we usually would, but it was definitely worth it in the end for the awesome SATS party