Saturday Club – Year 5

Thank you to all of the adults who sent back their slips for the year 5 after school club. Here is a list of the students who have returned forms.

5 Red Fariha, Muhammad, Israa, Kevin , Leon, Abraham, Manvi, Kaif, Hasan

5 White Kaila, Zaeem, Saee, Fatimah, Atifa, Samanta, Jaydon , Japji, Abdulasiis

5 Blue Zainab, Lawy, Luxor, Safiyah, Safa, Sheikh

The times and dates are as follows;

Saturday 13th November – 9:50 – 10:50 am.

Saturday 20th November – 9:50 – 10:50 am.

Saturday 27th November – 9:50 – 10:50 am.

Saturday 4th December – 9:50 – 10:50 am.

Saturday 11th December – 9:50 – 10:50 am.

Clothes – Do not have to be school PE clothes but needs to be active wear e.g. trainers, joggers, sports top.

Registration and collection is only at the gate by Webster park, NOT the main office or by St Pauls Road.

Any further questions please ask. Many thanks, Mr Rawlings.


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