15 thoughts on “Saturday School-Week 4

  1. My favourite subject was drama. One of the lines were “they are decently not one of us “. So far on the beach a stranger has washed up on the beach. The villagers have put the stranger in a goats pen and they have escaped from the pen and keeps on knocking on people’s doors but nobody listens to the stranger. We don’t know what happens next.

    By Alyssa

  2. Maths
    I really enjoyed maths because it was basically about algebra and ratio. We have been taught a method where you draw out circles to help us. That method has really helped me. I am improving because at the start of Saturday classes I was confused and I didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t really still understand a little bit of it but I will practise. I really enjoy it and I will come next Saturday!

    Thank you Mrs Frankish for this great opportunity where we could aim for level 4, 5 and 6. Thank you Mrs Frankish for developing our reading skills. As well as thank you to Mr Griffin and Tracy because they have helped us to develop our skills further.

    Bismah 6M

  3. DRAMA
    in drama we acted out the stranger on the beach. one of the lines we said was ‘QUICK QUICK EAT YOUR SOUP THE STRANGER IS COMING!!’ i enjoy doing drama with tracy because its fun. :)

  4. i’m choosing the photo where we did drama, we have learned about a stranger. We all had to use our imagination and powerful vocabularyfor most of the acting. we asked some questions to Tracy (our drama teacher), pretended to be a stranger.

  5. In reading this week we had to read the victorians time we had to answer the questions in our own and then we had to check them with mrs Frankish

  6. This week in maths We had to do a first game Like number bonds and we had to find a answer.Then we do Algebra Column addition buy today we did ration problems and Mr Griffin found a new way to solv it.

  7. This week in maths we have been learning about ratio and algebra sequences. We have been answering questions involving money about ratio, we have been taught a method where you draw out squares or circles to help you. In algebra we have been taught where you have to put the number letters on one side and the normal numbers on the other side. This has really helped me and even Mr Griffin has said I have improved. I know I have improved because I did not understand how to do algebra before and know I understand it fully.

  8. I will chose the Drama photograph.
    What we did in Drama was meeting the stranger that had arrived on the island we had to use powerful vocab such as:Frightened Horrified Terrified.We had to use our imagination and asking the stranger questions.Let’s find out what happens next.

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