School Council Elections 2016-2017

There are a few changes that we have implemented to the way in which school councillors are elected.  As part of our ongoing work on PSHE and British Values we are encouraging children to ‘officially’ stand for and elect pupils from their classes.  Each class was informed  of the elections today and children interested in representing their class have been asked to present a short piece explaining why they feel that they should be elected.  
We are a school that is fair and respects all individuals and wish the best for our children and as such want all pupils to have an equal chance of being elected (should they wish).  Parents can support their child/children if they choose to do so.   The children will vote at the end of the week (democracy in action) and the successful individuals will be notified by each class teacher .  
Good Luck and remember the qualities that make great Broad Heath Citizens!!

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