School councillors 2018 – 2019

Here are our new school councillors. Well done to everyone who were chosen for this great and exciting role for this academic year.

This role is an important role as a councillor is the representative of classes across the school and helps to develop our school further.

After our first meeting today, I am sure you will be a great voice for your class and make a positive impact to our school. 

Well done, everyone. 

32 thoughts on “School councillors 2018 – 2019

  1. I am proud of all of the school councillors because they all of the children make me happier ! Brillant ! Excellent 🌏🌎🌍🗼🎡🎢🌅🗽💈🌆⛪⛲⛺♨📲🎧📣📱🎤📢🎻🎶🔊🎺🎵🔉🎹🎼🔈🔈🎼🎹💻📺🏮📔📷⌨💽📹📕📕💾📼📖🔌🎬🔦🔋🎥📠📀🔎📟💿🔍

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