School Fair Information – 50p

Important information about the Broad Heath Summer Fair

  • Please can everyone bring in 50p by Friday. This 50p will then give you the chance to be a successful winner of an amazing hamper full of treats. In order to find out if you have won, your 50p will be swapped for a newspaper. In several of these newspapers there will be a stamp. This stamp will indicate that you have successfully won one of the wonderful hampers!
  • Please do not bring your reading books in on Wednesday as this is the school fair afternoon and we do not want them getting lost.
  • Furthermore, if you bring a packed lunch to school, please bring your lunch in a plastic carrier bag which can be thrown away. This will ensure that lunch boxes are not left around the school and that they do not get lost.
  • Parents will need to pick you up at 2:15pm. The schools stalls will be open at 2:30.
  • Reminder: 50p by Friday : )
  • Children can not leave the school site until after 3.15.






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