The proofs of the photographs have arrived at school for you to look at and choose if you wish to buy them. Each class teacher has a copy of the class photograph and will show you if you ask them. The sample photograph will not be placed on the classroom window or door.

If you wish to purchase a photograph please return the envelope with the correct size ticked and the correct money to the class teachers.

ALL orders need to be returned with the correct money by 9.00am on Wednesday 11th July 2018.  

If you wish to purchase photographs after this date it can be done online following the instructions provided with the pack.

Thank you

Mrs Raja-Khan

6 responses to “School Photographs 2018-Update”

  1. Rehaan K.

    The photo shoot was fun

  2. Zoya N.

    The look good

  3. Aamina B.

    How much is for the frame?

    1. Head Teacher

      We don’t sell a frame for these photos. Try the shops at Gallagher Retail Park.

  4. Reyyan M.

    I was not their

  5. Zeynab A.

    The photo look good

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