School Prospectus



It is our intention to give children an opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of physical activties. in doing so, we hope to develop physical and mental skills, that can be built upon in later life, at secondary school and beyond.

Physical Education is taught according to the guidelines in the National
The school enjoys playing a variety of different sports such as football, hockey and basketball. These are taught in PE lessons but occasionally, coaches will come to the school and coach the children. Sometimes these activities are free, but at other times, at a small cost may be incurred for such an experience.
Recorder lessons and drum lessons are given free of charge to children in

The school has excellent ICT facilities, which include a fully fitted suite of Internet linked computers and whiteboards in each class. Children often use these facilities to support their learning at lunch times and our IT technician is willing to support children and parents if needs arise.
Throughout the year a variety of clubs will be available to KS1 and KS2 children run by staff members. At the moment these are free.

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