School trips have been arranged for all year groups as follows:

Reception – Weston-Super-Mare on 26th June

Year 1 Twin Lakes on 3rd July

Year 2 Twycross Zoo on 18th June

Year 3 Drayton Manor Park on 25th June

Year 4 Cadbury World on 27th June

Year 5 Hatton Locks & St Nicholas Park on 8th July

Year 6 Tenpin bowling on 4th July

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37 thoughts on “SCHOOL TRIPS

  1. It was sooooooo fun when we went to Cadbury world we all started to glow in the ride cadabra [car ride] which was very cool.we all loved it there I’m speechless which means it was epic

  2. I can’t wait to go cadbury world I am going on Thursday. Thank to all the staff for these amazing trips. I hope everyone has a good time when they go on their trips. Some of these trips sound really fun

  3. I went today it was awesome I bet yours will be is well but I just want to say a huge thank you to mrs Frankish for organising awesome trips that we will enjoy.

  4. I can not wait because we get two trips one just to play and one which will help us in topic but the best for two trips we pay less from all the all the other trips

  5. Thank you very much for letting 4R and 4M go to Cadbury’s World.
    I apreceate the fact 4R and 4M are going Cadbury’s World.
    From Ahsan Khan 4R.

  6. I am so exciting to go to Cadbury world. It will be a nice trip for us. we will have a great morning and afternoon. we should all say thank you to Miss Frankish and our teachers who chose a nice trip for us.
    Thank you Miss Frankish and Thank you Miss Redhead. you are so kind.

  7. A BIG THANK YOU TO Mrs Frankish and all of the other staff included in these have been so generous to let us have a break and have some fun with our friends and teachers.We will learn a little bit at cadbury world to see how chocolate is made in factory’s , but it will be fun getting lots of free chocolate!I also hope everyone haves lots of fun there.

  8. Thank you to all the staff who have arranged these wonderful trips for us. I am really excited to go to Cadbury world with my class!

  9. so far listening to Cadbury world I think it’s going to be so much fun because Miss Frankish arranged a nice, exciting trip for us. Thank you very much miss frankish

  10. thank you it is the best shcool because we work as a team that what the we like because you are the greatist headteaher in the world too.

  11. hi im really glad that the trip for us is really exciting this is the best school i ever been to and the head teacher is the most amazing person in the whole world and the lot of the teacher to.

  12. Thank you Mrs Frankish,Grahm and Mrs Scot for planning such fantastic trips for ouur whole school.It is really polite,kind and helpful to do that.I really appreciate it.Also a big thank you to the teachers.

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