Science and Problem Solving Week in Reception Blue

This week the children were given a special scientific question: ‘How to melt ice the fastest’ linked to the story ‘Betty and the Yeti’.

The children had lot’s of fun carrying out experiments to help them solve and answer the question and developed their scientific and problem solving skills.

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Have a look at what we got up to this week below:

What was your favourite part of the week?
Which material melted the ice the quickest and why?
What can you find in Antarctica?


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  1. Lily enjoyed painting the Yeti. Lily said she can remember that there are some animsls on Antarctica. The red cloth melted the ice the quickest.

  2. I enjoyed the ice experiment. The felt melts the ice the quickest because it’s warm. I also enjoyed making a coat for yeti.
    You can find penguins, igloos, whales, seals and mountains.