Science Club Skills Academy

Well.. we have a brand new group of scientists this term and we have been up to mischief again!

We have made SLIME using corn flour. Can you tell me what is special about this mixture? How does it feel? What happens when you roll it into a ball and then stop?

DSCN5291 DSCN5292

We have tested our own reactions in lots of different ways. What happened when we put our fingers in the ice and then picked up the rice?

How many points could you feel on your finger with 2 pencils? How many points could you feel on your leg? Why is this?

DSCN5258 DSCN5259 DSCN5261DSCN5263

How quickly could you catch the ruler?

How did your hands feel when you moved them from the warm water to the cold water?

Last week we worked in teams to create monsters using bottles and card. This week we will be creating a chemical reaction inside them which will cause FOAM to come out of their mouths! The pictures will be up soon!


What would you like to learn in Science Club next half term?

Which activities have you enjoyed most?

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