Science Club!

This half term we have had lots more fun in Science club!

First we learnt how to create successful paper planes and investigated how the shape of the wings affects the direction of the plane. What happened when we curled both wings?

DSCN4964 DSCN4967

Next we made moving shadow puppets in the shape of Pudsy bear.


This week we worked in teams to create a stable structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. We found this extremely tricky! Well done to Tyrone’s group who worked well together and managed to make their tower stand on its own! Can you explain how you managed to make it stable? Can anybody explain the problems they faced?

DSCN5077 DSCN5082

We have just one more week to go! Can you tell me which activity you enjoyed the most? What else would you like to learn in Science club?

11 thoughts on “Science Club!

  1. Thank you Miss Smith for planning this club every week for us I love every second and objective of it and I agree that this is the BEST CLUB EVER. :]

  2. It has been soo fun! My favourite part was the exploding foam experiment and making the cornflour slime! I also enjoyed making the paper planes and racing with them.miss smith what was your favourite part.

  3. it was so so fun espically when we made the exploding foam also when we made slime it was so disusting and i want to stay in this club

  4. This club looks like so much fun, what have you BH citizens enjoyed doing the most, I know it must be difficult to name one as it’s been fantastic each week. Well done Miss Smith.

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