Science Competition Winners

Here is the day you have all been waiting for!!

We had some absolutely fantastic competition entries! So many, in fact, that Miss Smith could not just choose one winner.

Have a look for yourselves…

It was a tough decision… but here are the winners!!

1st place: Mihir Sharma (4A)

2nd place: Leia Wong (2S)

3rd place: Baldeep Jassi (4A)

Runners up: Siyaad Yaabarag, Alina Hussain, Gautam Shrivastava, Devanshi Shrivastava, Sonit, Arnav, Shkula, Hamdia, Hadisa, Armaan Riaz, Alisha Riaz and Amelia.

If your name is listed above, Miss Smith will be delivering a prize to your classroom tomorrow!


16 thoughts on “Science Competition Winners

  1. Well done to everyone who created some brilliant posters. Huge applause to Mihir,Leia and Baldeep for creating big masterpieces. Also, well done to everyone who participated in the Science competition!

  2. I am proud of everyone who tried their best. We can all improve by practising and doing our best. We have all learnt to read and write, we can do anything if we try.
    Great attitudes !!!

    • The point is that not everyone can be a winner but everyone can give something. Giving is just as important as receiving , remember that!

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