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Science Skills Academy – Colour Mixing

Well… Science Club begins again for another year of investigations, fascination and FUN! This year we are able to use the brand new Science pod and our Science club were luckily the very first children to use it!

This week we were focusing on making predictions. Have a look at what we got up to…

2 thoughts on “Science Skills Academy – Colour Mixing

  1. When water and food colouring is mixed together it makes the water change colour.For example if you get yellow food colouring and mix it with water the yellow food colouring will make the water change yellow.When you have dipped the paper towel into the yellow and blue water the paper towel turns blue on one side and yellow on the other side.This happens because the paper is absorbent.When we were doing the investigation and we had to put the paper towel into the water the water travels up the paper towel up slowly.The less water it has in the cup the more slower the water travels up the paper towel.Also the more water it has the faster the water will go up the paper towel.If the cup has medium full water the water will travel up the paper slow and fast.We could change the speed by adding more water to the cup to make it faster.When the two colours meet they will change colour.For example when blue and yellow mix they will make the colour green.Another example is red and blue makes purple.Also another example is black and white makes grey.

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