16 thoughts on “Seasons and the Tilt of the Earth

    • You’re correct Azan about there being more energy from the sun in the summer but it’s because the way Earth is tilted means in Summer the sun’s rays fall in a more concentrated area. That’s why the experiment showed a small circle of light compared with a big circle of light in the winter.

    • Great use of the word ‘reflect’ Anora! Thank you! The sun doesn’t move away though, the concentration of the sun’s rays changes because of how Earth is tilted.

  1. The experiment shows us why it’s warmer in the the summer as the smaller circle is the energy that we get so we are active whereas the bigger circle is winter and is the energy we lose so we feel ill and weak

    • That’s right Kinzah, although the larger circle doesn’t show the energy we lose, just how much further the energy from the sun is spread out in winter compared to the summer. That’s why it’s colder.

  2. It sometimes cold because England is not facing the sun so it’s not getting enough sun rays and when England is facing the sun it’s getting to much sun rays.

  3. It’s hotter in summer because when the earth orbits the sun England is not facing the sun so which means that it will be colder and when it is facing it then it’s hotter

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