Seasons in Science

1E have started a brand new learning topic in Science this half term, we are learning all about the seasons with a focus on Autumn and Winter. Today we were talking about how the changing seasons affect us. We thought about how each season is different and how we need to adapt to this with things that we wear. We thought about the temperature and weather in the different seasons.

Have a look at the picture taken in our lesson today.

Who is wearing clothes suitable for Winter?

Who is wearing clothes suitable for Summer?

What might you wear in Autumn?

image (1)

Next week we will be looking at how each season is different and the changes we can see and feel.

To get you thinking about this, can you tell me what happens to the trees in Autumn and Winter?

What new things happen in Spring when Winter is over?

I look forward to hearing about your thoughts 1E :)

5 thoughts on “Seasons in Science

  1. In autumn the leaves falls from the trees. In spring baby animals get born and trees get new leaves and plants grows and get new flowers.

  2. No 4 is wearing winter clothes.
    No 2 is wearing summer clothes.
    No 3 is wearing Autumn clothes.

    In Autumn the leaves start to change color. They change to red, yellow and brown.In Autumn the leaves start to fall off the trees.

    tree drop their leaves in preparation for the Winter months.

    Tree and brushes that lost their leaves over the winter begin to grow new leaves again, also flowers in Spring.

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