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  1. The first picture is Autumn. All the leaves fall off the trees at this time. It gets colder in autumn.

    The second pictures is winter. There are no leaves on the tress, it snows in winter and is very cold.

    After winter we get spring the trees start to blossom and get ready to make New leaves. It also starts to become a little warmer.

  2. It is clear that you have all learnt so much in Science so far? Ca you research what happens to our environment when the season changes after winter?

  3. Beautiful Autumn sunny morning with colourful leaves falling from the trees. I love to walk in the Autumn leaves.

    In the Winter picture I can see white cold snow. Id love to make a snowman with the white crunchy snow.

  4. 1.The first picture is of Autumn, in the season the leaves fall of the tree’s and change color. It gets dark, windy and rains a lot.

    2.The second picture is of Winter, in this season it starts
    to get colder and it starts to snow. We need to keep warm in this weather and wear our gloves, hat and scarf.

  5. 1. The two seasons are autumn and winter.
    2. Autumn is cold, and the leaves fall down off the tree. The leaves change colour, and are yellow and orange and sometimes red or brown. They are crunchy when you walk on them and crinkly when you pick them up. You can find conkers on the ground.

    Winter is freezing. It gets dark at night time really quickly and takes a long time to get light in the morning. It sometimes snows and sometimes rains. When it snows you can make a snowman. You have to wear a hat, scarf and gloves outside as it is very cold. It is sometimes foggy in the morning. It can get very windy, and it can make you have a runny nose. Water can change in the winter to make ice, which is very slippy. The ice and snow can melt if it gets sunny.

  6. 1. The season is called autumn. In Autumn the leaves fall down.

    2. This season is winter. In winter it is very cold and sometimes it snow. You can make a snowman.

  7. 1. In Autumn the leaves all fall off the trees and it starts to get dark very early. When we step on the leaves they go crunch, crunch, crunch!

    2. In Winter there are no leaves on the trees and it’s very cold and chilly outside. When it snows I like to put my hat, gloves and scarf on and make a snowman.

  8. 1. In Autumn all the leaves falls off the trees and they die. When we step on the leaves it goes crunch, crunch, crunch!

    2. In Winter all the trees have no leaves, its very cold and chilly when it snows.

  9. 1. This is Autumn. The leaves fall off the trees and change colour to red, orange and yellow. It rains alot and is cold.

    2. This is Winter. It is very cold and chilly. You have to wear hats, gloves , coats and boots. It snows in Winter and we can make snowmen and snowballs.

  10. Autumn
    Leaves change colour.
    Leaves fall of the tree.
    Autumn is cold season.
    Autumn is third season in a year.
    It is windy and rainy.
    In Winter it snows a lot.
    Winter is the coldest season.
    We need to be warm.

  11. 1:This season is called Autumn.In Autumn the leaves change colour and they all fall of the trees and they start to die.

    2:this season is winter.In winter it gets colder and snow falls down.We need to wear our coats and keep ourselves warm because it is very cold weather.

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