34 thoughts on “Self portraits with a difference!

  1. I developed my sketching skills when drawing my self portrait.
    I thought that shading the portrait was difficult because if I made on dark line I couldn’t rub it out. I am proud of the background of my strip because it took me a long time and I think it was worth it because it looks amazing. Next time I would make the colours in the background a bit brighter.

  2. I developed cross hatching and much more.The parts that was hard was sticking our left portraits on the suger paper as it was cut up in to strips.I am proud of mine because I tried my hardest and I did struggle but I didn’t stop trying.Something I would do differently would be taking more time sketching the portrait instead of rushing it and being the first to finish.And next time I will take more care in what I’m sketching instead rushing

  3. I am proud of the art techniques I used in my self portrait,I didn’t believe that I would do good but the more I looked the more I saw it get better.I feel the sticking of the portrait was the most challenging but I still did it.

  4. The skills. I developed are cross hatching tone and I used them in my drawing and it was really tricky drawing our faces and it was really challenging and next time I am going to add more deatail

  5. I delvoped stippling technique and shading technique.
    I thought that drawing a character head is hard because you have to draw it right.
    I am proud of my shading because I used a bit of shading for the character I drawn.
    I would do different is draw a shape of the character head right.

  6. 1)The skills we developed were shading,texture,symmetry,proportion,mono tone,2d and 3D

    2) What we found challenging is when you have to make it cut out as it didn’t go right For me expecialy because Naly rounded mine😤

    3)I’m proud of my sketching and shading skills

    4)I need to improve the way I present my presentation

    I do forgive Naly because he was trying to help so Naly if you read this than there’s your welcome

    From Fatima 🧕🏼


  7. I developed my sketching skills because at the start I was not able to sketch my face but now I can.I think that trying to get the eye right was difficult because you had to look at the proportion.I am proud of the end outcome because I used a range of shading skills.If I would do it again I would use different types of pencils to show different shading techniques.

  8. This task has helped develop my cutting and sketching skills as I had to be very careful whilst cutting out my portrait.I also had to sketch in detail as I wanted my portrait to resemble me as much as possible.What I found challenging was that I wanted it to look like me and wanted to copy every detail perfectly.

  9. (1) I developed crosshatching skills as when we did it we were like
    (2) What we found challenging is when you have to make it cut out as it didn’t go right
    (My one is the bottom one).
    (3) I’m proud that my work went on the blog.
    (4) I would make it sticking it on better as it went bad.

  10. The skills I developed which I wasn’t so good before are shading,stippling,smudging and also the detail of the features on the body and face.I found challenging the resemblance between what I draw and what I was trying to draw.

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