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  1. People out there who have the Coronavirus, I hope that you get better and hopefully this virus will stop spreading.Make sure to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. And we all have to pray for this virus 🦠 to stop.

  2. Hi Mrs Frankish,
    From today Aaminah (3R) and Eesaa (RR) will not be coming to school. This is Aaminah’s first day of staying at home and Eesaa’s second. Be safe.

    • Maryam my daughter was due to sit her GCSE’s this year. I know it said on the news that no exams in May or June but I’ve told my daughter to carry on with her revision. Nobody knows anything at the moment.

  3. Coronavirus is scary thing but if we eat healthy food, lots of water and we wash our hands perfectly than it will be fine.
    I wish my teacher mrs Carter, get well soon.💖💕💐🌹

  4. The Corona virus is scary but we should not worry and follow all the advice and instructions we have been given. Thankyou for keeping us safe and caring for us mrs frankish, because my kidneys are bad and I get sick easily I am going to stay at home and keep safe. I hope everyone at broad heath keep safe too.

  5. If school does shut down for everyone and we end up missing our S.A.T.S because of self isolation, what will happen to them?

    Stay safe everyone.

  6. Hi Mrs Frankish,
    I have been doing some learning with my mummy today 😊 I have been practicing my phonics and using some flashcards to practice counting, describing things and picking out words and sounds.
    Next we are taking a break and doing some reading this afternoon and maybe some games from youtube.

    Stay safe everyone xx

  7. As everyone knows I’m not happy about being kept of school but I know it’s to keep everybody safe and I hope everybody will be.
    Mrs Frankish I will write you a diary of what it’s like to self isolate and I will send it to you on Microsoft word every so often. My title for my diary is War Child in Peace Times (this means as a world we are at war with Coronovirus and not with each other and I’m a child)
    I hope you all stay safe and have a good time at school whilst you can if your there.

    • I think this is a lovely idea, it’ll be good to have interaction with somebody who is in a different place from me 👍 I think you’re title is great to. I got my title from the news when they said we are at war with the virus in peace time 😆

      • We will go with your title..much better than mine.
        Today is day 1- the grey clouds gathered outside. This was the start of the journey. A journey into the unknown..time would tell.

        Opening Lexi??

        • That is a great opening I’ll use that I think, even though I’m not at school I’m starting to think me being in isolation could be quite interesting 🤓 my mum has had me and Aadam working hard this morning, our kitchen is now a makeshift school…. 😳. This afternoon I’m going to start my diary on word and I have a few ideas 💡. I’m going to take this serious situation we are in and hopefully present it in a light hearted way.

          Anyone else in year 5, that is at home 🏠 we have found work to do on a website called TeachStarter, it has a range of different resources and tasks to keep you busy until we start to receive work from school or go back to school.

      • Lexi I’m loving your idea!! I know it’s all a bit grim at the moment but the good thing is, we still have access to the internet and are able to post in here. Although we can’t see you, were still communicating via the blog and this is such a brilliant thing. I can’t wait to read your diary entries about your day.

  8. Hi Mrs Frankish. Nice to meet you. I missed you soooooo much. By the way I’m Yusuf but on my brother’s account because my tablet had no charge and my brother went and told his dad to give him the phone so I hurried to you to send a message of “i will never worry and never give up and i would stay on the right side meaning in believing in God. I’m not scared because i know I’m brave. 💝🥰

  9. I’ve noticed that some parents who can keep their children at home still have some worries about the fine if they are absent.
    please can we ensure everyone that they are able to stay home if they choose to.
    I think they didn’t get the message.
    Thank you.

  10. The worst start to a new decade,with all that is happening,I just hope that everybody is safe and that this virus would some day die out.

    • Cosmina it’s a horrible situation that we’re all in at the moment but we have to stay positive. The good thing is we have access to the blog and can connect with friends and your teachers this way, to try and keep things as normal as we possibly can.

  11. Hope ur well…
    I am ready to come to school but my mum just told me there is no school..
    I just hope everyone is ok ?
    Keep praying 🙏🏼

  12. It is worrying but safety is most important of children and staff members. Don’t worry we will come back better and stronger in our work.

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