Senses in 1E!

This week in Science, 1E have started to look at the 5 senses. To start off our topic we learnt all about the different parts of our body and thought about the parts associated to the different senses.

We then focused on the sense of taste and took part in taste testing! Some things that we tasted were delicious but some were not very nice, but we all had different opinions on what we liked and disliked!

image (10) image (11)









We learnt lots of new vocabulary to do with taste. Look at the picture below, there are arrows pointing to your taste buds. Who can tell me what the different parts of your tongue taste?  


What were some of the words that we used to describe taste?

What are the other senses that we are going to be learning about? 

11 thoughts on “Senses in 1E!

  1. The green part indicate bitter taste .
    Blue indicates sweet and
    Red part indicates salty taste.

    2. The other tastes are sweet,sour,bitter and salty.

    3.We will be learning about hearing, looking, touching senses.

  2. The green part was bitter,blue is sugar and the red parts were both sweet an
    d sour.some words to describe taste are delicious, sweet,lovely,or bitter,sour and tangy.

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