September Newsletter 2020

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68 thoughts on “September Newsletter 2020

  1. Thanks for your effort to keep us safe .. Eman was in holiday out UK and she is in self isolation till 6th of September.. but I read in your comment that we can do the covid test and we have already done it 2 days ago and the results are negative… So can Eman and her brother come to school tomorrow?!

  2. I’m exited for school and nearvese I’m happy to all of my friends to.
    Also do we have to bring in our own food or are we going to get food at school?.

  3. Hello this is Kamil’s Mum. Thank you so much for the information. There just one problem with the time. As you see Keisha is enter school at 8:00 and Kamil is enter school at 8:30. However, Kamil’s time clashes with my daughter Kamilah’s time as she is in a different school. So is there a possibility that Kamil can enter with Keisha at 8:00. Can I kindly speak to someone when drop Keisha. Thank you so much

    • I am really sorry but I suggest you drop Keisha off at Kamil’s time as we do not have staff to look after children earlier. Really sorry. I know this is ridiculous but I am having to juggle times so everyone is safe.

  4. Hi, thanks for information. Can you plz tell me where is MUGA? Also I want to ask you can we leave kids at gate or leave outside the classes? Can u plz tell me what’s the mean of no hot food only sandwiches?

    • Good afternoon,
      The Muga is by Webster Park.
      Children will be given a hot meal in the hall then a packed lunch… this could be a hot pastie, it will be on a rolling program.
      You will be leaving the children at the gate. They will be escorted by staff.
      I hope this answers your questions.

  5. I’m sorry for the loss of one of your staff members.

    Where is the Science Pod please?

    Also, is there flexibility with times for people who have multiple children in different years?

    I assume after-school clubs are also not on?

    • Hi the Science pod is by Year 2, the new building on your right.
      There will be no clubs but will start to think about some as soon as we get back . We can only do them outside if we want to invite various children as we cannot mix year groups inside.


      • Hi this is Francesca’s dad I want to know if Francesca can come to school because our family us 3 came back from Europe and now we are in self-isolation untill 6th September.What do we have to do?Thank you!

        • I suggest you get a test tomorrow and the results will come back pretty quickly. This will tell you if you can come back. They are doing testing in Broad Street Health Centre.

    • No You do not as it is being advised that older children wear them. I suggest you wear one to and from school/ public places IF this would make you feel safer.

    • No breakfast club I am afraid until I can get the go ahead to re- start! Please look at the newsletter for starting times, any gates… thanks

      • Thank you for the information and So sorry to read about the passing of the staff member xx
        time may be an issue for us as we rely on Noah’s school bus to transport him to school I have no control of when it will arrive . 3 different schools 3 different starting dates but all at the same start time .I’m not sure how to juggle it yet .

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