10 thoughts on “Setting description – Tues —– Red/ Orange

  1. The thief was found in a dark brown and emerald garden.
    The thief was so horrified because he had been caught
    The thief was scared when he had got caught becau he thought he was going to get in to trouble.

  2. Far away from the school the children ran through the streets and In the corner they had found the large,fat,beefy thief reading some amazing books.

  3. Far away from the school the children ran to the emerald forest and found a beefy fat book thief in the corner the beefy fat guy had a pointy nose sticking out of a pointy nose sticking out from a book.when the fat guy was cough the was really really really really really realy realy realy realy frightened .

  4. In the corner of the house there was a sack of books and the books were shiny and he was using one and he was so concentrated that he did not and his house was nice but down the stairs was louds of books . In the sack there was so much books that the books were coming out of the sack and he looked guilty and against the wall he sat thinking he was safe and he was sad

  5. At the bottom of the green leafy park they landed at a dark brown gate.Then Nell barked at it and that was a sign that it was the thief’s house. In the middle of the gate Peter banged the hard wooden gate open and saw a huge beefy man with all the books and Peter said “there our books!”the man sat in the corner and looked horrified and his long shiny pointy nose pointing down .

  6. In the middle of the emarald dence forest,was Nell speeding up with everyone tugging beyond like hovering bees through the elliptical path. Against, the wall was a weedy boy with a sharp nose covering it with a book.In the corner of him, was a sack full of amazing books. He looked at the dog and children horrified. At the top,was Mr Jones guessing what was happening. Because he was caught,the thief was very sad. “These are our books,give them back!” Shouted Peter. The thief wore a red jumper and black trousers with red shoes. He looked terrible.

  7. The Theif looked surprised when he saw the children and the dog. He had his nose in a book when he was found. He was horrified! When he saw the chideren’s faces he knew they did not look very happy, they looked swollen, he looked very beefy and was loving the book until the dog and the children but he was so upset and didn’t want to stop.

    By Haleema and Marihah.

  8. In the corner if the door, there was a large beefy man which was the thief with a rucksack full of all of the children’s books.
    Over the fence , was all of the books so they took all of them and showed the thief about the library.
    On the way , they walked through a big path like a swirly swirly snake .
    On top of the gigantic fence , there was lots of birds making a loud tweeting noise .
    Next to the fence , there was a loud noise like a page flicking of a book

  9. Far away from, the school they went following the dog Nell.Nell sniffed and sniffed until he found the smell of books.when Nell barked the thief was inside the green dense garden.In the corner,of the door was a large beefy man who was observing all the wonderful colourful books.Against the wall were all the books in a massive sack.On top of,the chair the huge man was horrified from the children.

    From zabit and Menahel

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