Sewing Club for Key Stage 2!

Ms. Walker and Ms. Burton are leading a sewing club and the club is set to start on 30th April 2014 3:15 – 3:45pm.

In sewing club you will get the chance to make a bookmark! You will be designing a book mark first and then sewing it. This club will help to develop your creative and imaginative skills. You will also learn a new skill entirely! Sewing!

For more information or letters to join the club please see Ms Walker (RF) or Ms. Burton (5B). Hurry, hurry because there are only 20 places available!


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  1. Aaliah and Bilal I’m really looking forward to seeing how creative you both are. Hope your both really good at sewing as we only have 4 weeks?? Have a think over the holiday about you patterns and what stitches your going to use. See you soon.

  2. To miss walker and miss Burton

    I really love sewing…

    Sewing is a very exciting thing to do also you can create different things with sewing kits. It also is a very interesting subject because it can be fun and also you need to know learn how to sow you might need it when you are older

    I guess it will be the best sewing club ever

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