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Hi to all you creative sewers out there. Hope you have enjoyed the club, we think you have created some super work you should be proud of yourselves.

What have you enjoyed most about sewing club?

What skills have you used and learnt?

How could we improve the club for the future?

Keep on sewing



6 thoughts on “sewing club

  1. I’m loving sewing club at the minute. I’ve been having the time of my life.I enjoyed stitch crossing a lot.I have used my designing and creative thinking skills.You could probably give us manaquins to create clothes on.At home I sew all the time and sometimes in the school because I bring my stuff with me.In my house theres a part of my stuff that is covered with my sewing things.

  2. I sew in and out of school but I am still
    Not perfect I am improving every week,
    As well as sewing I nit with my gran
    Also with that I am not perfect (improve).
    I think I’ll be brilliant in week 6 and
    Carry on to sewing at home.
    I am looking forward to sew different
    Things to get better and better,
    Heir are some skills we use in sewing
    Observation, reasoning, and the
    Most importantest decision making.
    You need this knowledge to sew.

  3. Thank you Mrs Frankish for replying to my comment and yes everyone wants to hear good things about their learning . Especially the people who taught it to them . They will be really happy about it.

  4. I have used my sewing skills outside of school because I sewed a cake slice and 3 mini cakes with sewed on sequins. I did these things at home because I was bored and thought I could use some of my skills I have learnt at sewing club. It has been fun learning how to sew and use different techniques to stitch.
    Thank you Mrs Jones and Miss Sharma for teaching me how to sew.
    Thank you all of the teachers which thought about making skills academy

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