Shapes and Gustav Klimt.

Reception learnt about shapes through the eyes of Gustav Klimts painting ‘The Tree of Life’:

Have a look at the video below:


  1. What 2D shapes can you see in the picture?
  2. What 3D shape can you see and describe?
  3. Can you remember the name give when shapes are joined together to make a pattern?

10 thoughts on “Shapes and Gustav Klimt.

  1. Oh Mrs Dahil I think I can remember ,when we join the shape together it is called ummm I know it begins with “t” is it tangle? Or maybe twist I can’t remember now.
    Who can remember the word used to join shapes together ???
    Can someone please make a picture and write the word so I can put on my fridge to remember PLEASE😃
    Thank you.

  2. The last week Ravi has been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, Ravi can remember 2D Shapes (Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Octagon)
    3D Shapes (Sphere, Cuboid, Cube, Cylinder, Cone,
    Keep up the good work kids,

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