Shape Poems!

Year 3 are currently learning about different forms of poetry, in particular shape poems and calligrams! Some children have been set the challenge to compare two different shape poems, and give their own opinions for each.

Highlight any words and phrases you think are effective, then use your complex sentence starters to compare the poems! I look forward to reading your viewpoints.






19 thoughts on “Shape Poems!

  1. I read the ginger bread man and I like it it’s really interesting and I like the hat poem it’s a shape of a hat that’s why I like the two poems.

  2. Before I read the poem I thought it was about ginger bread man.
    Because the poem is about shapes it is the shape of a ginger.
    When I first read the poem I thought it was good.
    Suleman tameem

  3. I look at two shape poems, Rolling Down a hill and Undersea Tea. I choose Rolling Down because it has Rhyme and repetition bubble is my favourite.

  4. Before I read the poem,I thought it was about Gingerbread man.
    Because the poem is about Gingerbread man it is in the shape os gingerbread man.
    When I first read the poem it was good.
    As I read the poem I feeled happy.
    Whereas one poem is great the other poem was bad.

  5. When I first read the poem, I saw some words that were very good in the gingerbread Man one.There was one like pondering and I didn’t know what it ment, but now I know what it means.
    On the hat one, there was only 6 or 7 of wards like deerstalker.There are some bracits in two of them but another poem I saw had non. Because this poem was about hats, it was a shape as one.
    There was one about volcanos and I felt frightened.It said there were volcanos underwater as well!

  6. When I read the man in the hat,I felt that the man was a really bad man on the other hand the I felt very happy.Because the poems were about a man and a ginger man the ginger man one was shaped as a gingerman whereas the man one does not have it shaped.The man one has less words however the ginger bread one has got lots.

  7. The gingerbread man is better than the hat one despite the fact that the hat poem has lots of rhyming words ,the gingerbread poem is better shaped and has a good words.

  8. In my opinion the gingerbread man is better than the hat because it has lot of adjectives but on the other hand the hat has a good beat,although they both got adjectives but the gingerbread Man has better ones.

  9. When I first read the Gingerbread poem,I wanted to couintine reading because it had a nice beat, but wana be fish doss have a nice beat.As I read the poem,I thought that the Gingerbread is better than wanna be a fish because the Gingerbread has more adjectives than wanna be a fish.Both of the poems are very interesting because they both have rhyming words.

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