Shapes and angles within our adventure playground.

Using our knowledge of 3D and 2D shapes we applied our learning to our outdoor area. We challenged ourselves to identify features of 3D shapes and angles within our adventure playground. 

Challenge: Identify the feature of the shapes and angles highlighted in the image below;

Below are images of children’s work from today.


  1. The sphere, which is red,has 1 face, 0 edges and 0 vertices.
    There is an 360 degree angle.
    The Cylinder has 3 faces and 2 edges, with no vertices(corners)
    The triangle has 3 edges and 2 faces.

  2. 1.The ball has o verties and 1 surface
    2.The round circle has 3 faces and 2 edges
    3. The metal cylindar has 1 face and 1 edge
    4. The metal bar has 1 edge and 1 face .

  3. The red sphere ball has 0 edge 0 verticicis and 1 surface. The metal cilinder has 3 faces 2 edges and 0 verticicis. The red thingh has 3 faces 0 verticicis and 2 edges.

    By Sophia

  4. The arrow is pointing to the cylinder shape which is a 360 degree angle.It has two edges and 3 faces also 0 vertices.
    The arrow is pointing to a sphere which has one face zero edges and vertices.This is also a 360 degree angle.
    The arrow is pointing to two ropes which is an acute angle.

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