Shapes in the environment! 1RED.

This week at school is shape week! The children will be learning all about 2D and 3D shapes and applying their knowledge of this to different everyday situations. Today in 1 RED we have been identifying shapes in the environment. The children have been exploring the schools outdoor areas and locating both 2D and 3D shapes.

Take a look at our video below to see what shapes we found at school…

Challenge – What different 2D and 3D shapes can you find in your house? Draw them on a piece of paper and bring them into school! There will be a pegs and monster points for those children who complete Miss Addie’s challenge!

5 thoughts on “Shapes in the environment! 1RED.

  1. What is a 2d and 3d shape:

    A 2d shape can’t stand up. An 3d shape can stand up and it is an solid. Here is some examples, A circle and rectangle are 2d shapes. A sphere, triangle prism and a cube are 3d shapes.

  2. Lovely video, can anyone find out a 3D shape with more than 5 sides…now that is tough. Talk to the adults in your house about shapes and see if they can help you.

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