Signs of Autumn

In science year 1 have been learning about the seasons. We have looked at Autumn and Winter. During our walk around the school playground we looked for the different signs of Autumn.



What signs of Autumn can you see on your way to school?

How do you feel on Autumn mornings?

10 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

  1. On my way to school this morning i saw signs of Autumn, i found lots of brightly coloured leaves. I also saw a squirrel searching for food. Can you tell me what animals hibernate during the winter????

  2. on my way to school I see red and orange leavs on the floor also I see yellow and brown leavs.I feel really cold when I go school because its windy.I see leavs on the floor and I am really happy in autam mornigs. I can see lots of leavs on the tree. I love autam.

  3. I think it is very beautiful in autumn. I love the different colours of the leaves, some are scattered over the floor and some are still in the trees although the trees are very bare. I like going for walks in autumn when it’s cold, it’s important to wrap up warm though! You can hear the rustling of the fallen leaves blowing in the wind. Sometimes I can smell bonfires on my way home from school. What I enjoy most about autumn is being cosy at home when the days get darker.

    There are lots of celebrations that happen in autumn, can anyone think of any?

  4. On my way to school I noticed that the the trees looked very bare and there were lots of leaves on the floor. It’s extremely cold and and dark when I leave for school in the morning.

  5. I can see brown,yellow,orange and red leaves everywhere on the ground.The trees have no leaves.I feel cold and happy because everywhere is full of different colour of leaves.

  6. On my way to school I can see red and orange leaves everywhere on the roads and trees.sometimes it’s very windy.
    I feel cold and happy.

  7. I think autumn is such a pretty season. On my way to school in the morning I know it is autumn because it is getting much colder ready for winter. I can also see leaves on the trees that have changed colours to orange and brown but most of the leaves have fallen off the trees onto the floor, I love jumping on the leaves, they make a crunching sound.

  8. The Autumn leaves are turning brown, red, yellow and falling down. Conkers fall from the chestnut trees.

    Leaves turn brown,dry and crinkly. very windy and rainy.

    I feel really cold coming to school in the morning because it’s windy blowing my hat off my head sometimes.

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