Year six have been learning about Sikhism this half term. Aryan and friends have created a video showcasing some of the learning and Aryan’s Grandma very kindly made us a sweet treat called ‘parshad’ we all got to taste.

Please share a comment about what new learning you’ve learnt and please let Aryan’s Grandma know how good the Halwa/Parshad tasted.

27 thoughts on “Sikhism

  1. I have enjoyed learning about Sikhism because I saw some food from Sikhism it was Amazing. There is only on God from the Sikhism.

    By Ilhan.

  2. When learning about sikhs I found out that they don’t cut their hair as they believe it was a gift from god and they treat everyone equally.Also they should live a good life.By the way the parshaad was amazing it was very thoughtful of you Aryan and your grandma for making it and bringing it in.

  3. When learning about Sikhism throughout the half term, a summary which I remember about Sikhism is when in a Gurdwara it is vital that you offer a donation such as flowers, food items or money. Also Sikhs believe that they should not cut their hair, which is known as Kesh, as they believe allowing their hair to continuously grow is a sign/ symbol of respect to show how much they appreciate how God created hair. However, we also learnt that Sikhs must carry a Kirpan- a small sword- the Kirpan is worn in a sheath on a strap or belt. The word Kirpan comes from two words which translate as mercy and bless. The Kirpan is supposed to be a weapon of defence only.

  4. We have learnt about how Sikhs treat each other and where they do there prayer.We also learnt that Sikhs eat a special sweet food in a Gurdwara, in a Gurdwara they have a extremely special book which they fan continuosly.The Sikhs religion was just over 500 years ago (really young). Anyway well done.😃😄😀.

  5. I have learnt that six believe that they should treat everyone equally and they should live a good and honest life. Anyways I like the parshaad, Thank you Aryan and Aryans grandma.

    • We should treat everyone equally and tolerant no matter if you are a different religion. Thank you Aryan l really like your parshaad thank you Aryan Grandma to.

  6. This is an amazing video and can I just say that I think Aryan’s grandma is so kind and I think we should all thank her for the hard work that she put into the Parshad!!!

  7. Thenkyou Aryan and Aryans grandma for making the Sweet halwa is really yummy and I learnt so much about Sikhism now when I go to seek temples hopefully one day I will know more about it and I’m so excited to find out while next topic is thank you for planning this lesson it was so much fun.

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