Singing Club!

Hi Singing Club graduates!

It’s been so much fun singing with you for the past term. I can remember when you were all so shy at the start of the year! Now look at you! I’m very proud of you for working hard to develop your singing skills.



What have you most enjoyed about singing club? What singing skills do you feel you have developed this term?

Well done!

15 thoughts on “Singing Club!

  1. Miss Hobs,
    I bet we can do way way better than your group last year!
    Although.. Haniyah was really good and i have now got that song stuck in my head!:]

  2. I loved the x factor·I think that we all did really
    well·Also we learnt new skills while we were in singing
    club such as:
    Thank you so much miss hobbs!!!!!xxx

  3. I think we were excellent and when we sing we change our pitch or sometimes our dynamic. We learn a lot and when we done our x factor we was great every single of use in singing club we worked hard.

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