Six Blue Expectations

Hello Six Blue, I hope you are all well and safe. Below are a few reminders for all of you and your parents to acknowledge during this National lockdown.

I just want to clarify, even though we are in lockdown as a country, you are very lucky you have a school system which wants you to continue gaining. Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm is still a school day where EVERY single child is expected to be actively on the blog completing the work set.

This week:
Please ensure you have caught up with the ten Kensuke’s Kingdom chapters

Children who recieved a work pack- you still need to email photos of your work to me please. (Well done Haya and Elena)

Please email all work you produce to the following email:

Please leave a comment to state you have read and understand your role in this lockdown. As well as that, please ask any questions if needed.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Photograph by Cathy Lindsey

This is your compulsory timetable for each day:
Monday 11/5: English, Maths, Topic & Spanish
Tuesday 12/5: English, Maths, Science & Music
Wednesday 13/5: Reading LBQ, Maths, SMSC & P.E.
Thursday 14/5: SPaG, Maths, Science & Art
Friday 16/5: Quick reading, Maths, Topic & Library

Other blogs are voluntary and we encourage you to explore other areas of learning such as spanish, music, art and the library section of the blog.

There is a group of children who are working in Mr Inman’s group- your task is to complete all work set by Mr Inman and then you can access any other blogs you wish.

Yellow group work is for the following children and must be completed: Elena, Amelia, Gerry, Omar B, Yahya, Rahma, Suardo and Jessica (you also have work packs to work through)

42 thoughts on “Six Blue Expectations

    • Hey Ianis, it’s good that you are accessing the blogs. Hope your continuing to show your teachers good progress and working hard. 😊

  1. Hi everyone I am back, my brother is back from the hospital and I will try to catch up on blogs that I have missed. Shall I do the additional paper or the blogs first? Please tell me.

    • I hope your brother is better Azan. Your mum collected a work pack which I would like you to work through. Please complete the maths angle work from last week. Don’t rush and ask if you need any help please.

    • Shame you’ve not sent in any work or responded to any of the learning blogs. Mediha we have a daily register and you’re not reaching your potential.
      You need to be active every day from here on please.

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