Year Six’s Cinema Experience

Six Blue visited the Odean Cinema to watch Jurassic World.

Personally I absolutely loved this film! I have grown up watching all of the movies and this was just as amazing. The suspense, the emotional rollercoaster, the drama and the brilliant effects made the whole experience perfect!
What were your thoughts about the movie?

Debate: Do you think the Dinosaurs should have been fairly rescued and taken to a new island? Why?

How would you describe the relationship between Owen and Blue? What impact did this have on both of their survival?

If you could genetically modify a dinosaur, which dinosaurs would you use and why? What would you name your dinosaur? In what ways would your dinosaur be unique and the best?

21 thoughts on “Year Six’s Cinema Experience

  1. I think this movie, Jurrasic park was fascinating and emotional as well as this there was a lot of people dying.And,Yes I do think the dinosaurs (species) should have been saved and rescued to a scanturary island not destroyed by the volcanic eruption.Anyway,It was REALLY nice of our Headteacher,Mrs Frankish to let us watch such a fabulous movie.THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MRS FRANKISH!!!

  2. I think the Dinosaurs should be treated fairly because even if they’re animals,they still have feelings like us.
    The relationship between Blue and Owen is that Owen took care and trained Blie since she was a baby and they are really good friends. At the end,Blue helped Owen survive.

  3. I think dinosaurs should be treated fairly because the have a right to live and they feel pain as well as us and no one would like that if that had happened to us,also the dinosaurs wouldn’t like it either

    • Also the relationship between Owen and blue were together for a really long time and the impact it had was that when Owen was in need of help when blue was there he would always help him.
      I Would modify helpful friendly dinosaurs that could fly.

  4. I believe that (although dinosaurs aren’t living/if they were) dinosaurs are living creatures just like animals or for that matter, humans. They at least deserve typical animal rights and although they were genetically cloned, they still have true flesh and feel emotions. In the animal kingdom, dinosaurs are considered animals so they should have a right to live freely.

    Blues relationship with Owen resulted in Owen actually staying alive. When he was attacked by the indo-raptor, he could of died but blue saved him. I consider it a thanks for raising him , feeding him and being there for him at youth.

  5. I think that dinosaurs should have been treated fairly because like us they feel pain . Would you like it if you were stranded and there was a volcano that could erupt any second , well I would have loved it if someone took me to another place which did not have a volcano.

  6. I really enjoyed the cinema trip. I think the dinosaurs should have been rescued and went on a new island because of the volcano eruption dinosaurs will be exctinct.

  7. I really liked the movie because I love dinosaurs and I learnt a new spieces called carnotaurus who are big dinosaurs with little horns on their head.
    In my opinion I think the dinosaurs should have been rescued because they are living creatures like us so they should be treated the same as us.
    The relationship between blue and Owen is Owen has known and trained blue since blue was little this has impacted them because when Owen was in trouble,blue saved him.I would modify a dinosaurs who can fly.

    By Aliyah and Leila.

  8. 1) because they live like a human and they are animals as well.
    2)Owen and blue were together for a long time so blue has to live.
    3)I would be the blue because blue is beautiful and brave.

  9. What we’re your thoughts about the movie?

    My thoughts about the movie was that it was the best movie I have ever seen I could not believe my eyes when I saw this most amazing film ever I can not believe that I got an opportunity to go see the movie of my dream Jurassic World Fallen Kindom thank you so much Mrs Frankish you are the best Headteacher ever thenkyou so so so much we really appreciate it so much.

    Yes I think that the dinasors should be saved not just because I like them because they deserve to live like we do all we need to do is just give them a chance
    They have the right to live just like will you if they wasn’t alive we wouldn’t be alive but that was a really long time ago but we took good care of them and look at them now even if we’re here they’re still living they deserve this opportunity to have a free life and not to be ruled over by some humans.

    Question 1
    I think the relationship between Owen and blue was that they were both standing up for each other no matter what if one got hurt the other was saved them and other one gets hurt the other one stay with them they are good Partners and they grew up together when blue was little Owen used to look after him and stood by his side so he never gets hurt but now blue is fully trained and can help Owen and anyone else than he is help.

    Question two
    I would make a velociraptor but in a very unique way because I’m not going to make one I’m going to keep one you’re probably wondering how you going to keep one what do you mean what are you talking about well here’s the truth I would just go to a Dinosaur Island or if there is real living dinosaurs still I would just keep them and improve them by giving them Gear and that will help save them of any other dinosaurs come to attack but if they good dinosaurs they won’t attack and there be friends.

    Pst Mrs Frankish by the way thank you for letting us go to the cinema it was absolutely amazing you’re the best head teacher ever I can’t believe it actually went to see my dream movie this is the best day of my life because I get to see Jurassic World and I’ve never seen it before I have only seen the trailer so yeah I love Jurassic World is my baby brother loves it so much I’m not joking he’s only 3 by by the way if you’re wondering and you didn’t know thank you again.

  10. I felt very sad when one of the dinosaurs got left and l think there was a close relationship to Blue and Owen because Own owned Blue as well as this Blue was training.

  11. Debate: I think they should’ve moved and this is a point Bethany made : Why make a Jurassic Park on a island with a volcano for.And why this is a good point is because there’s no point spending lots of money and th n three years later it all goes away.

    Question 2) I think the relationship is it’s like a dad and daughter relationship because ever since Blue was little Owen has loved till since now.This impact is that if one of them gets hurt the other one looks after them in a way.

    Question 3) I would mix a T-Rex and Pterodactyl together because a Pterodactyl can fly so it will be helpful and a T – Rex because it’s powerful but despite its arms it’s a pretty cool dinosaur.

  12. My thoughts on the movie was that it was a very emotional and sad movie.Yes I do think that the dinosaurs should have been fairly rescued and taken to a new island because that there were only one of each kind of species in the movie.

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