Six Red Fiver Challenge Gallery

Wise words from young entrepreneur himself- Kennedy (Skint2Mint)

From the many wise words of wisdom that Kennedy shared- what resonated with you?

Business groups

To work collaboratively to create a business idea.
To create a business plan.
To carry out market research.

Group 1: Ice-Cream Wonderland
“We will allow children design their own ice-cream at our ice-cream parlour”

Group 2: Glitz N Glamour
“Book mark”

Group 3: Stylish Stationery

Group 4: Infinity folds
“You imagine it. We fold it. We will create a variety of origami designs for you!”

Group 5: Sugar Rush 2 Pick A Mix
“Don’t pick one, pick a mix- a treat bag for you to enjoy”

Group 6: Penalty Paradise
“Lucky-dip with every turn, try to beat our goalies”

Making our products

Presenting our products

What a successful day at the market. Lets evaluate:

1) Choose three words to describe your selling experience?

2) What were peoples thoughts on your product?

3) How much money did you make? What was your profit?

4) What were the many challenges you faced?


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  1. 1) Choose three words to describe your selling experience?
    The word I would describe my selling experience was exiting,fun and enjoyable.
    2) What were peoples thoughts on your product?
    They really liked the glitter crayons because of the glitter.
    3) How much money did you make? What was your profit?
    We made £15.50 and our profit was £10.50.
    4) What were the many challenges you faced?
    The challenges I faced was when little kids brought a note and didn’t know what change to get.

  2. 1) Choose three words to describe your selling experience?
    Good care sweet
    2) What were peoples thoughts on your product?
    3) How much money did you make? What was your profit?
    31 pounds
    4) What were the many challenges you faced?
    Actually finding the sweets if there haram or halal

  3. On Monday, we planned our fiver challenge business. Our business is a penalty shootout if you score you will pick a prize from the lucky dip box. Our goal is to make £10. We have showed our business idea to 5 red and 4 red. We have surveyed our items we should put in our lucky dip box. It was: chocolate, toys( bouncy balls and cars), sweets and fine liners/gel pens.

  4. Are group is called Sugar Rush,Pick A Mix.
    “Pick 1 to,Naa,Pick a mix.
    We are selling Cones full of sweets that you can pick ranging from skittles haribos celebrations and starburst some are vegan and some are not so we will be putting them on opposite sides so our customers can pick the ones they are allowed.Furthermore we will be putting the ingredients of all of the sweets on our stall so you will know what is in it and if you are allergic to it you will know.

  5. As a group, we create a business called Penalty Paradise. The business is about penalty’s and basketball 5 shorts cost 1.00 pound and if you don’t score you anyways get a prize from the lucky dip.

  6. My group name is ICE CREAM WONDERLAND!
    In my group we are selling ice cream toppings.
    Our toppings for an extra 20p are:
    Strawberry syrup
    Chocolate syrup
    Oreo crushed
    crushed KitKat
    For plain vanilla ice cream with cone is 80p but if you want toppings it will be 20p and you can put you own ice cream toppings if you like!

  7. Today we planned out what we were going to do for our stall in the fiver challenge and we showed the year 4 pupils what we will be selling on Monday.We have designed glittery crayons and highlighters,pens,pencils with colourful gems.

    By Saffiyah and Sabah

  8. As a team we created a plan on how to invest in our £5. Our business plan is to at least sell everything we brought for quadruple to octuple more.

  9. The values I used today are kindness teamwork and teamwork. The name of our business is called Glitz and Glamour. What could go wrong on the day is that there could be rain and if it does then no one would want to come to our shop when we tried so hard to make this business work then it would be a waste of time. I hope that it won’t rain because no one wants to come on a rainy day.

  10. As a group, we created a plan for our business,which is called stylish stationery. Our business plan is to sell stationery to the pupils of Broad Heath and to triple our price of £5.00.

  11. To start the day, Kennedy explained to us about how we can invest and make profit of of us from our 5 pounds, we planned out how we would make money and what we would do to make it.
    Our business ideas are to offer a lucky dip after doing a penalty shoot out. We are trying to persuade others to play and take many attempts into it.
    It is not just football it is a mix between football and basketball.
    Our group is named penalty paradise and I think it is a good name and fits between both sports.
    If all shots are scored, the person gets to pick in the lucky dip, there are a ranger of prizes. So if any other classes read this, bring some money if you want to have an attempt.

  12. We will invest the £5 and buy:
    *coloured or white paper = Bring from home
    *gems = £1 ( x3 = £3 )
    *tape = £1
    * holographic paper = 75p
    We have left over 25p.
    Our business plan is making origami and our group name is infinity folds.
    A challenge we may face staying in budget as for origami we are decorating each origami built.
    We aim to triple the start-up cost ( £5 ) by making infinity cubes as they are our most popular product.

  13. Our design is called sugar rush 2 pick a mix, our aim is to turn our £5 into maybe a £15 or £20. The items we are going to buy is starburst, lollies, chocolate buttons and skittles. The hardest class to pitch to is 3red as they didn’t really know some of the sweets but they were very well mannered and 4W were really engaged and hyper and we can’t wait to show our product to them.
    AayanS Ibrahim Steven Zulqarnain and UmarH
    Remember pick 1. Naaaaa let’s pick a mix.

    By The Sugar Rush Team.

    • What resonated with me was that he said we will be investing and making profit using the £5.So I chose sweets because sweets are very popular among lots of children and adults so that was probably a good idea but lots of people will be doing it.Our group is called Sugar Rush.