Six Red History Week Gallery

With us learning about the social Geography of Japan this half term, it felt appropriate to study the a small part of the rich History of Japan this week.
We will be studying life during Edo Japan and a famous artist named Katsushika Hokusai. We will learn about his surroundings, passions and his famous art piece “The Great Wave”

Reading Comprehension about ‘The Great Wave’

Who can share what they gained from this traditional tale?

Biography writing about the famous artist: Hokusai

Ukiyo-e Japanese art style involving printing


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  1. In this history unit, I have learnt about the great wave.
    I have also learnt about the Edo Period it was really fun.
    Today we made the great wave.

  2. What I have gained in this learning unit is that you have to be patient and things might happen. We also learned about how Japanese people used to live in (Tokyo),and what happened in those times.

  3. Challenge: If you were going to represent the city of Coventry, what location would you paint in thirty-six views? Why? I would use the Coventry Cathedral as mine because it is the main part of Coventry it also is the tallest and the one you can see from different angles.

    • Challenge: In what way has life changed since the Edo period? In the Edo period women had to shave their eyebrows when married and they had to wear makeup with the exact colours chosen also you had to wear Geishas which sometimes could be uncomfortable, However in todays society you don’t have to you have an equal right, it is your choice if you want to shave your eyebrows when married and you can wear any type of makeup or no makeup. Lastly it is your opinion if you want to wear Geisha’s however today people wear their own type of clothes.

  4. During this history session I learned a lot things about Japanese and The school value I have gained is creativity.
    I have really enjoyed it.

    • Life has changed during the edo period as you no longer need to shave your eyebrows after marriage and there is more equality between men an women.

  5. This was very fun, the final day of our history week is about to end, but this was a great lesson. We learnt about Hokusai, who was a very famous Japanese artist. He has made many masterpieces. My favourite was The Great Wave. His style of art was Ukiyo. A printing form of art.
    I am sad that this is our last history week. But either way it was very fun.

  6. In this history unit, I have gained knowledge about the story “The Great Wave”. I also really enjoyed creating the information text about the “Edo Japan”.

  7. I really enjoyed history week! I loved listening the great wave and learning about Edo Japan. During this week, I learnt about an artist called Hokusai and the 36 views of Mount Fuji. We made a biography on Hokusai’s life and his famous paintings.

  8. It was a fun task to create the double page spread about ‘Life In Edo’ the comprehension task was fun and the moral of the story was patience so overall it was an exciting task.

  9. The first thing in the morning researching about Japan 🇯🇵 it was fun and we learned more about Japan in the Edo period it was so interesting and we created a double page 📄 spread about it.

  10. I have gained the knowledge to be patient and wait until the right time. This is because the more you are patient you will get rewarded for your good doings.
    I have enjoyed learning about Edo Japan and comparing it with now modern Japan.

  11. I have learnt about the story of The Great Wave and all the key parts of the story.
    As well as this, I have learnt that the moral of the story is to be patient and to not be ashamed of your identity.

    • I gained a lot of knowledge through the comprehension ( The Great Wave )
      It was a very traditional book and it had an amazing moral
      ‘Patience is key’

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