Six Red-This is me!

This week has been a wonderful insight to how every child in Six Red is an individual and how together we make a creative, fun, honest team!

Video sharing the highlights of the week!

Gallery of all the super work!
(Children have chose their best piece of work to celebrate and share with you)

*What do the terms ‘individuality’ and ’empathy’ mean to you?

3 thoughts on “Six Red-This is me!

  1. Individuality means to me that I am a individual and we don’t have the same personalities and we all are different. Empathy means to me ,understanding other people emotions is important.

  2. 1.
    The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.
    “clothes with real style and individuality”.this sentence mean to me a lot
    2. I made progress by understanding sharing the feeeling to another.

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