Six White are ‘Jumping Means’ – National Numeracy Day

Today we have learnt all about what a ‘mean’ average is. Some call this the trickiest or ‘meanest’ average because there is both addition and division involved in the calculations. We began by learning the method and then discussing how we can use the inverse to find a missing value – this was tricky but we got there! We then headed outside to collect our very own data. To do this we created our results table and then learnt how to triple jump, shot put and discus.

We then used our data to calculate our own means!

8 thoughts on “Six White are ‘Jumping Means’ – National Numeracy Day

  1. We used different methods to calculate the answer to the sum. I really enjoyed the triple jump because we could find out how far we could jump.

  2. In national numeracy day we were learning all about means.
    So we were recording all the lengths we jumped 5 times each and then we worked out our own average means for example mine was 2.0

  3. To calculate our means we had to add together all of our starting numbers and divide it by the number of people or objects that there are for example: 42+56 =98 and if there was 2 people , you would divide it by 2 ( 98*2 = 49 so there would be a mean of 49.

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