22 thoughts on “Six White Expectations and Update!

  1. Thank you for the video Miss Vega, I have watched it and agree with your comments. Lots of you are trying hard to complete the work however you are not all giving your best. You are so much better than this. Always do your best and be proud of your achievements. Moving forward please do your best cursive handwriting in all your work and present it well. I look forward to seeing these improvements. MAKE YOUR MARK 6 WHITE.

  2. Hi Miss Vega, Lexi is worried that she has only been able to complete one piece of work so far today. It’s not through not trying but we are having problems with our broadband. We have little to no connection so unfortunately she hasn’t been able to access the blogs as she usually would. She is going to persevere and try complete as much as she can as and when the pages load.

    • Hello! Please don’t worry, I am aware that Lexi is usually very punctual with her work and I am sure she will get this completed when she can! Thank you :)

  3. I have watched the video Miss Vega because I feel it is important to watch all videos properly that are on the blogs, so we know what to expect and how to complete our home work properly. Thank you for the tutorial.

    • Have you watched my video Keisha?
      Your presentation is wonderful, please just remember that we don’t want our descenders hanging too low!
      Please take note of how I have asked for you to label your work when you upload it :)

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