This week in sketch we have been drawing rainforest animals.

Here is what we have drawn.

  1. Can you remember what other animals we have learnt about?
  2. Name one characteristic of an anaconda, poison dart frog and a Scarlett Macaw?
  3. What do these three animals eat?


  1. 1) we have lernt about a Jaguar a scarlet macaw 🦜 and. A poison dart frog.
    2)Anacondas swallow there pray hold and they can even eat a baby elephant
    Poison dart frogs have very colourful skin and people use the poison on there skin to make poisonous arrows
    Scarlett macaws can give birth to eggs 2 -3 at a time
    3)anacondas eat anything they want.
    Poison dart frogs eat leaves
    And scarlet macaws eats seeds and fruit.

  2. 1. We were learning about Anacondas, Jaguars, poison dart frogs and Scarlet Macaws.
    2. Anacondas has nostrils on the top of their heads. Poison Dart Frogs are brightly coloured. Scarlet Macaws Weigh about 1km.
    3. Poison dart frogs eat flies, ants, insects, spiders and termites. Anacondas eat fish, birds, tapirs, wild pigs, capybaras, and caimans but also eat Jaguars. Scarlet macaws eat Nuts, leaves, berries and seeds.

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