Skills Academy – Autumn 1

This half term we have joined our new skills academy clubs – we have had lots of fun learning new skills and developing existing skills. We have also been making friends in other classes along the way.

Science Club

Science club has been lots of fun this half term. The children have been developing their investigation skills. They have been creating and exploring different materials and even made a mini-explosion. The children are developing their co-operation skills by working in groups and taking on different roles.


Osmaan and Rizwaan are having a great time making and exploring slime.

Puzzle Club

During puzzle club the children have to use their problem solving skills to solve problems and puzzles. They develop their partnership skills when they are working with their friends and sometimes compete against one another.

DSCN4687   photo 1

What skills are Asim and Mohammed using to solve the problem? It looks like they are concentrating hard.


Problem Solving club

Mrs Drew sets problems for the children to solve each week. They are often based around Maths and encourage us to develop our logical thinking. We also have to co-operate and work as a team to solve the problems.

photo (1) photo (2)

What skills are the girls using to solve the problems and win the game?


Spanish Club

Mr McCabe leads Spanish club and the children have been using ICT, music and games to develop their language skills.  They are developing their knowledge and understanding of other languages and countries too.

photo (15)

Natalia and Azariya are developing their partnership skills by working together


‘I am learning’ club

Each week the children develop their ICT skills during ‘I am learning’ club. They consolidate a range of skills when completing the activities including their knowledge and partnership as well as more specific Literacy and Maths skills.

photo 2 (2)



Which skills have you developed this half term during skills academy?

Which club would you like to go to next?

Do you have any suggestions for new skills academy clubs? What skills could they develop?


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