Skills Academy Science Club

We have had a fantastic half term in Science club! We have learnt lots (…and made lots of mess!)
We would like to share some of the exciting things we have been up to.

Firstly we played a trick on our brains and created a ‘Catch the birdie’ toy.
CHALLENGE ONE: Can you explain what happened when we twisted the string and pulled it?

Next we created green SLIME! We did this using cornflour, water and food colouring. Cornflour is made of lots of long, stringy particles. They don’t dissolve in water, but they do spread themselves out. This allows the slime to act like both a solid AND a liquid.
CHALLENGE TWO: Can you explain what happened when we rolled the slime into a ball and then stopped rolling? How did it feel when you punched the mixture? How did it feel when you let it dribble through your fingers?

Later, we created FOAMING MONSTERS! To do this we used a small empty bottle, card, vinegar, washing-up liquid, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. When you mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, it makes a gas called carbon dioxide. This makes bubbles in the vinegar. The bubbles of gas react with the washing-up liquid to make foam!
CHALLENGE THREE: Do you know what bicarbonate of soda is used for in real life?

Finally, we had a round robin of activities to test our reactions. Every time we move or touch something, hundreds of messages pass from our muscles and skin to our brains. The messages travel around our bodies through long fibres called nerves.
You caught the ruler because a message travelled from your eyes to your hand via your brain. There was a slight delay between the ruler dropping and you catching it while the message was travelling.
Here, we put our fingers in ice for 30 seconds and then tried to pick up some grains of rice. When your body is cold your skin becomes less sensitive.
CHALLENGE FOUR: What happened when you tried to pick the rice up? Is this what you expected?

We also investigated how sensitive different parts of our body were. When we touched our fingertips with two pencils, we could feel both points even when they were close together. This is because our fingers are very sensitive and have lots of touch sensors. Other parts of our body, such as our legs, don’t need to be so sensitive so the sensors are further apart.
CHALLENGE FIVE: What happened when you touched your leg with the two pencils?

In one bowl we had cold water and in the other we had warm water. We put one hand in each and then, after a minute, moved both hands to the warm water.
CHALLENGE SIX: What did you feel?

I hope you all enjoyed yourself during club time – I certainly did! Your behaviour was fantastic and you were all involved in the learning. I am very proud!
CHALLENGE SEVEN: Which was your favourite activity in Science club? What other types of experiments or investigations would you like to carry out?

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  1. This science club looks so fantastic an wonderful miss Smith you are very clever at Science. Miss Smith please can I be in your Science club PLEASE PLEASEEE

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