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Skint2Mint ambassadors at the CBS Arena

A group of Year 6 children attended the launch of Skint2Mint at the CBS Arena yesterday afternoon. The event was attended by the mayor, the BBC, the CEO of Coventry Building Society and many more celebrities. The children had specific roles to perform: serving refreshments, meeting and greeting guests, make podcasts, modelling the Skint2Mint game with guests at tables, organising the speakers and Harris even made a speech to the whole room! Mrs Frankish and I were so proud of these children who were fantastic ambassadors for Broad Heath and for the Skint2Mint brand. Well done to Lisa, Harris, Archie, James and Mishal.
We wish Kennedy all the best with his business venture!


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  1. It was such a great opportunity to go and see all the people and different children from different schools! It was very interesting to hear everyone do their speeches. (Well done to Harris who did his own speech). I hope we get more fun days just like this one.