Skip2Bfit Workshop

Today you were lucky enough to partake in a skipping workshop whereby every single one of you was able to improve your Personal Best scores for skipping!

Next term, you will complete 2 minutes of skipping in each PE lesson and record your results. 

What did you enjoy about the skipping workshop?

How much did you manage to improve your first score by?

What do you hope to achieve by completing this skipping challenge?

Check out the photos below and the video too!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Our skipping champions!

photo 6

Find out more or play the Blueberry Bounce game using the link below:



25 thoughts on “Skip2Bfit Workshop

  1. skip to be fit is so good because we got to skip and I like
    skipping I had lots of fun doing it.Everyone got to do the
    challiny which is to beat your PB. I love it everyone tried
    really hared to win but aleast we all tried doing it!!!!!!!!

  2. Skip2Bfit was really fun and exciting. Well done everyone for trying your best in skipping. Thank you very much for the people who work in Skip2Bfit for coming and teaching us some skipping. Thank you Mrs Frankish for giving us this opportunity.
    Well done to Takwa who is our skipping champion!!. :) :)

  3. what I enjoyed about the workshop was that the skipping in just TWO MINS was just absolute amazing. first try was 32 but then my next go was 65 so I have achieved by 33 I think which may be the difference. i hope to achieve going faster and a higher score anyway It was good for my skills to go over with and thank you for letting them come here and thank you for coming and helping.

  4. I enjoyed the part when I was skipping in that 2 minute time.
    I improved my first score by skipping more faster then before.
    I would try to complete next time by getting more then 180.

  5. I used to know how to skip then i just got used to football….IT WAS REALLY TRICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WAS SO NOT NOT GOOD.

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