Skipping ropes

Tuesday project week

Today, children created skipping ropes with plastic bags and sellotape. They researched, designed and created the skipping ropes in groups. They were able to recognise its weaknesses and strengths and investigated further on how they could improve their final product. Well done year 3!


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  1. I enjoyed when we done the skipping ropes

    We done some materials and the garbage bag and also we used sellotape the string and the garbage bag was working and the other materials worked a little bit

  2. When I made the skipping rope it was amazing and when people was skipping with it I kept on laughing because someone’s skipping rope pulled down the display and we made the skipping ropes out of tin bags and our groups skipping tin bag rope worked and when we cached the together it was so long however when we kept skipping some of the tin bag broke.

    Materials we used…
    Plastic bag
    Elastic band

    We deisgined posters and I think we could have improved ours by making it tighter but it was still good. We were drawing skipping ropes and labelling each part. I loved our skipping rope so I think I’ll give it a 5.
    We also planed a cherry tomato Carrier to see if we can fit tomatoes inside. We going to use boxes for our tomato carrier .