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Yr2 Amazing Alliterative Phrases

Alliteration Pronunciation

18 thoughts on “Yr2 Amazing Alliterative Phrases

  1. Super sand
    Windy windmill
    Flying frisbee
    Sunny sun cream
    Small sandcastle
    Bouncy beach ball
    Lovely lifeguard
    Lucky lifeboat
    Light lighthouse
    Silly seagull

  2. The super sandcastle.Wiggly waves.Fliying frisbee.
    Lovely lighthouse.Shiny shells.Sandy sand.Creepy cave.
    Beautiful beach.Fablaous flip flops.Clever cliffs.
    Icy ice cream van.

  3. Rubbish Rock pool. Dusty deck chair. Intelligent inflateabale ring. Kidding kite. Smart flip flops. Brilliant beach hut. Silly sunglasses. Lovely life boat. Shiny shells. Stupid sand. Criying cave. Rubbing rock. Candy cliffs. Fresh frisbee. Wishing sea shells .

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