Small World – Rain Forest Stories

The children used small word play to create their own Rain Forest Stories. Have a look and listen to some of stories below:

Can you use your imagination to create your own stories? Write a small story on the blog with and adult so that we can share it with the rest of the class.

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  1. Small World – Rain Forest Stories:

    There were two explorers who decided to explore the Brazil Rain Forest, after finding a map, on the ship they had just bought from these bad pirates. They wanted to find the hidden treasure.

    They sailed on there big ship, the waves very strong and the wind was very powerful. They final reached the rain forest, and left there ship at the beach.

    The two explorer followed the map as they followed they saw many different types of trees, plants, insects and dangerous animals. The two explorers were scared when they seen big, giant, and angry crocodiles.

    They carried on looking at the map and found the hidden treasure in a dark, cold, wet cave. The problem was giant lizards lived in the cave and they looked hungry. So one of the explorer said we must not touch the treasure or the lizard will chase us.

    They agreed with each other to not to touch the treasure and make there way home empty handed. So they walked many miles in the cold, wet heavy rain until they got the there ship and they sailed of into the sunset.

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