Snippets of our Learning in 2 Red

This week in 2 Red we have been busy planning and writing a recount of our trip to Weston-Super-Mare. First, we worked in groups to create our plan with some of us drawing pictures to depict events that took place. We placed these on a time line in chronological order to help us remember and displayed this throughout week. Each day, we added time words, adjectives and coordinating junctions to our plan and used these to improve our work, making it more interesting to the reader. Take a look at our video below.

What does ‘chronological’ mean?

Write an adjective to describe the nouns below.

seagull, coach, sand, beach, sea, pier, sandcastle, rocks, shells, sun.

2 thoughts on “Snippets of our Learning in 2 Red

  1. Chronological means by putting items in time and date in order. For example which comes before and after.

    Small seagull’s
    A beautiful sunset at the beach.
    On the beach there were sharp rocks.
    We went to the beach to make a amazing sandcastle s with my friends.

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